I’ve moved. Again…

A while back, I made the move from Blogger.com to WordPress.com for no particular reason other than I was a bit bored with Blogger and WordPress allowed me to have a nicer, custom theme at the time.

I subsequently looked at moving back to Blogger but some of the functionality available in WordPress isn’t available, so i took a deep, deep breath and installed WordPress software on my own domain. It wasn’t as difficult as I’d thought it might be and it’s now up and running.

It’s still a work in progress, but the basics are there.

You can find the blog at http://www.griggs-taylor.co.uk/blog

I’ll stop updating here, so please move any bookmarks or rss feeds!

See you there.


One response to “I’ve moved. Again…

  1. Hi I was on blogger then went to viviti but have just come back to blogger – I suppose we all need a change everynow and then and also what works for us!!

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